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Program by Sections

Plenary Lecture

Mon, 9th 09:00–09:50 HS A Robert Weismantel* Mixed Integer Convex Optimization
Mon, 9th 14:00–14:50 HS A Ralf Borndörfer* Configuration Models in Transport Optimization
Tue, 10th 09:00–09:50 HS A Maïtine Bergounioux* An Optimal Control Problem in Photoacoustic Tomography
Tue, 10th 14:00–14:50 HS A Oliver Junge* Set Oriented Numerics and Applications
Wed, 11th 09:00–09:50 HS A Agnès Sulem-Bialobroda* A Stochastic Control Approach to Robust Duality in Utility Maximization
Wed, 11th 14:00–14:50 HS A Lorenz T. Biegler* Integrated Chemical Process Optimization: NLP Strategies Based on Multi-Scale Engineering Models
Thu, 12th 09:00–09:50 HS A Luís Nunes Vicente* Zero-Order Methods: Global Rates and Randomness
Thu, 12th 14:00–14:50 HS A Barbara Wohlmuth* Energy Correction Schemes in Space and Time
Fri, 13th 09:00–09:50 HS A Pavel Krejčí* Dynamic Contact of Elastoplastic Bodies Treated as a System of Equations with Hysteresis Operators
Fri, 13th 14:00–14:50 HS A Florian Jarre* New Approaches for Large Scale Semidefinite and Doubly Nonnegative Programs

Adaptivity and Model Order Reduction in PDE Constrained Optimization

(Coordinators: Michael Hinze, Kunibert G. Siebert and Winnifried Wollner)

Tue, 10th 15:30–15:55 HS 1 Tatjana Stykel* and Carina Willbold Model Reduction Based Optimization in Field-Flow Fractionation
16:00–16:25 Oliver Thoma*, Christian Meyer and Sascha Schnepp Optimal Control of Particle Accelerators
16:30–16:55 Claus-Justus Heine, Christian A. Möller, Malte A. Peter* and Kunibert G. Siebert Multiscale Adaptive Simulation of Concrete Carbonation Including Microstructure Evolution
17:00–17:25 Kristof Altmann, Serge Nicaise, Simon Stingelin and Fredi Tröltzsch* On a Problem of Optimal Magnetization
Wed, 11th 10:30–10:55 HS 1 Fernando Gaspoz* Adaptive Finite Element Method for Dirichlet Control-Constrained Optimal Control
11:00–11:25 Alana Kirchner* Efficient Computation of a Tikhonov Regularization Parameter for Nonlinear Inverse Problems with Adaptive Discretization Methods
11:30–11:55 Stefan Ulbrich* and Stefanie Bott Multilevel Methods for PDE-Constrained Optimization Based on Adaptive Discretizations and Reduced Order Models
12:00–12:25 Bernard Haasdonk* and Markus Dihlmann Certified PDE-Constrained Parameter Optimization by Reduced Basis Surrogate Models

Algorithms Based on Semidefinite Optimization

(Coordinator: Angelika Wiegele)

Tue, 10th 10:30–10:55 E.1.05 Sourour Elloumi* and Amélie Lambert Quadratic Convex Reformulation for Graph Partitionning Problems
11:00–11:25 Renata Sotirov* and Edwin van Dam Quick and Dirty
11:30–11:55 Christoph Helmberg* Iterative Approaches to Solving the Quadratic Semidefinite Subproblem of the Spectral Bundle Method
12:00–12:25 Kristijan Çafuta, Igor Klep and Janez Povh* Constrained Eigenvalue and Trace-Optimization of Polynomials in Noncommuting Variables

Analysis and Control of Evolution Equations and Inclusions

(Coordinators: Nasir U. Ahmed, Stanislaw Migorski and Ioan I. Vrabie)

Wed, 11th 10:30–10:55 HS B AbdulRahman Al-Hussein* and Boulakhras Gherbal Optimality Conditions for Relaxed Control Problems Governed by Forward-Backward Doubly Stochastic Differential Equations with Jumps
11:00–11:25 Daniela Rosu*, Monica-Dana Burlica and Ioan Vrabie Continuity with Respect to the Data for Delay Equations Subjected to Nonlocal Conditions
11:30–11:55 Ioan Vrabie* Almost Periodic Solutions for Nonlinear Delay Evolutions with Nonlocal Initial Conditions
12:00–12:25 Rong-Nian Wang* Nonlinear Evolution Inclusions: Topological Characterizations of Solution Sets and Applications
Thu, 12th 15:30–15:55 HS B Stanislaw Migorski* Evolution Inclusions with Applications to Hemivariational Inequalities
16:00–16:25 Rodica Radulescu*, Doina Candea and Andrei Halanay A Control Delay Differential Equations Model of Evolution of Normal and Leukemic Cell Populations Under Treatment
16:30–16:55 Mariusz Michta* On Solutions to Set-Valued Stochastic Integral Equations and Inclusions
17:00–17:25 Jerzy Motyl* Stochastic Itô Inclusion with Upper Separated Multifunctions

Computational Methods for Inverse Problems/Control Problems in Banach Spaces

(Coordinator: Christian Clason)

Mon, 9th 15:30–15:55 HS 3 Elena Resmerita* Heuristic Parameter Choices for Total Variation Regularization
16:00–16:25 Radu Ioan Bot*, Ernö Robert Csetnek and Andre Heinrich A Primal-Dual Splitting Algorithm for Finding Zeros of Sums of Maximally Monotone Operators
16:30–16:55 Martin Holler* and Kristian Bredies A TGV Based Image Reconstruction Model: Numerics

Computational Optimization Methods in Statistics, Econometrics and Finance

(Coordinator: Reinhard Neck)

Mon, 9th 10:30–10:55 HS 4 Reinhard Neck* Optimal Control of Dynamic Stochastic Systems: Some Mathematical and Computational Approaches
11:00–11:25 Reinhard Neck, Dmitri Blueschke and Viktoria Blüschke-Nikolaeva* Stochastic Control of Econometric Models for Slovenia
11:30–11:55 Doris A. Behrens* On the Relationship Between Private Capital Flows to Emerging Europe and the Design of Optimal Fiscal Policies: The Case of Croatia
12:00–12:25 Dmitri Blueschke*, Viktoria Blüschke-Nikolaeva and Ivan Savin Solving Nonlinear Optimal Control Problems Using Evolutionary Heuristic Optimization
Tue, 10th 15:30–15:55 E.1.05 Sebastian Deininger* and Dietmar Maringer Estimating Time Series Models with Heuristic Methods: The Case of Economic Parity Conditions
16:00–16:25 Ivan Savin* and Abiodun Egbetokun Emergence of Innovation Networks from R$\&$D Cooperation with Endogenous Absorptive Capacity
16:30–16:55 Alejandro Bernales and XiaoHua Chen* Explaining the Relationship of Expected Option Returns and Volatility Risk Premia
17:00–17:25 Philipp Hungerländer* The Price of Cooperation in Differential Games

Dual Methods for Approaching Inverse Problems

(Coordinator: Elena Resmerita)

Thu, 12th 10:30–10:55 HS 3 Christian Clason* Parameter Identification Problems with Uniform Noise
11:00–11:25 Martin Benning* and Martin Burger Ground States and Singular Vectors of Convex Variational Regularization Methods
11:30–11:55 Matthias Gehre* An Approximate Bayesian Approach for Uncertainty Quantification in EIT
12:00–12:25 Antonio Leitao* and Maicon Marques Alves On Landweber–Kaczmarz Methods for Regularizing Systems of Ill-Posed Equations in Banach Spaces

Dynamic Programming Approach to Optimal Control Methods and Applications

(Coordinators: Varvara Turova and Nikolai Botkin)

Mon, 9th 10:30–11:20 HS 2 Simone Cacace, Emiliano Cristiani* and Maurizio Falcone On Single-Pass Methods for Stationary Hamilton-Jacobi Equations
11:30–11:55 Fátima Pereira* and Vladimir Goncharov Regularity of the Viscosity Solution of a Kind of Hamilton-Jacobi Equations
12:00–12:25 Vladimir Goncharov* and Telma Santos Variational Strong Maximum Principle and Convolutions
Mon, 9th 15:30–16:20 HS 2 Liubov Shagalova and Nina Subbotina* Applications of Dynamic Programming to Generalized Solutions for Hamilton-Jacobi Equations with State Constraints
16:30–16:55 Nikolai Botkin and Varvara Turova* Simulation of Acoustic Wave Propagation in Anisotropic Media Using Dynamic Programming Techniques
17:00–17:25 Nikolai Botkin* and Varvara Turova Interpolation-Based Operator in Dynamic Programming Procedures for Solving Conflict Control Problems
Tue, 10th 10:30–11:20 HS 2 Jochen Garcke* An Adaptive Sparse Grid Semi-Lagrangian Scheme for First Order Hamilton-Jacobi Bellman Equations
11:30–11:55 Marianna Troeva* and Vasiliy Lukin Numerical Method for a Dynamic Conflict Model of Environmental Pollution Problem

Fractional Order Calculus: Applications in Modeling and Control

(Coordinators: Wojciech Mitkowski and Krzysztof Oprzędkiewicz)

Tue, 10th 10:30–11:20 HS C Wojciech Mitkowski and Krzysztof Oprzędkiewicz* Application of Fractional Order Transfer Functions to Modeling of High-Order Systems
11:30–11:55 Marta Zagórowska* and Wojciech Mitkowski Application of Circle Criterion for Stability Analysis of Nonlinear Fractional Order System
12:00–12:25 Anna Obrączka* and Wojciech Mitkowski Parameters Identification of Fractional Partial Differential Equation
Wed, 11th 10:30–10:55 HS C Paweł Skruch* and Marek Długosz Fractional-Order Models of the Temperature Dynamics in a Room with Radiant Heating Devices
11:00–11:25 Marek Długosz* and Paweł Skruch A Model-Based Testing Approach for Embedded Fractional-Order PID Controllers

Harmonic Analysis with Applications to Uniqueness and Inverse Estimates for PDEs

(Coordinators: Matthias Eller and Daniel Toundykov)

Tue, 10th 10:30–11:20 HS B Masahiro Yamamoto* Uniqueness for Inverse Boundary Value Problems by Cauchy Data on Subboundaries
11:30–11:55 Pedro Caro* Stability of the Calderón Problem for Less Regular Conductivities
12:00–12:25 Matthias Eller* and Daniel Toundykov Carleman Estimates for Elliptic Boundary Value Problems with Applications to the Stabilization of Hyperbolic Systems

High Resolution Imaging with Geometric Priors

(Coordinators: Martin Benning and Tuomo Valkonen)

Mon, 9th 10:30–10:55 HS 3 Kristian Bredies* Total Generalized Variation Regularization for Image Reconstruction
11:00–11:25 Martin Benning and Tuomo Valkonen* Evaluation of Geometric Priors for MRI Phase Reconstruction
11:30–11:55 Konstantinos Papafitsoros* Exact Solutions to the Total Generalised Variation Minimisation Problem
12:00–12:25 Zenith Purisha* and Samuli Siltanen Computational Inversion Using MCMC and NURBS

Integration of Optimization, Modeling and Data Analysis for Solving Real World Problems

(Coordinator: Janusz Granat)

Tue, 10th 10:30–10:55 HS 4 Martin Baumung* Consolidation of Less-Than-Truckload Shipments in Long-Haul Transportation Networks
11:00–11:25 Janusz Granat* Optimization and Stream Data Processing
11:30–11:55 Mariusz Kaleta and Tomasz Śliwiński* Lexicographic Min-Max Optimization in Fair Scheduling

Inverse Problems in Elasticity

(Coordinators: Thomas Schuster and Barbara Kaltenbacher)

Thu, 12th 15:30–15:55 HS 3 Gen Nakamura* Stability Estimate for Identifying Viscoelasticity by an Interior Measurement
16:00–16:25 Giovanni Alessandrini, Michele Di Cristo, Antonino Morassi* and Edi Rosset Stable Determination of the Support of Discontinuous Lamé Moduli by the Dirichlet-to-Neumann Map
16:30–16:55 Aydys A. Sedipkov* Direct and Inverse Problems of the Theory of Wave Propagation in an Elastic Inhomogeneous Medium with Discontinuous Parameters
17:00–17:25 Thomas Schuster* Identification of Material Parameters and External Forces for Damage Monitoring in Anisotropic, Elastic Plates from Boundary Measurements
Fri, 13th 10:30–10:55 HS 3 Durga Prasad Challa* and Mourad Sini The Foldy-Lax Approximation for the Elastic Scattering by Many Small Obstacles with Arbitrary Shapes
11:00–11:25 Wolfgang Ring* Modelling and Optimization of Stringed Musical Instruments
11:30–11:55 Barbara Kaltenbacher* and Peter Steinhorst Application of the Reciprocity Principle for the Determination of Planar Cracks in Piezoelectric Material

Iterative Methods for Ill-Posed Problems

(Coordinators: Elena Resmerita, Kirk Soodhalter and Ronny Ramlau)

Mon, 9th 10:30–10:55 Z.1.29 Pierre Maréchal* Intertwining Operators for Mollification: Theoretical and Numerical Aspects
11:00–11:25 Stephan Anzengruber*, Bernd Hofmann and Ronny Ramlau Convergence Rates via Basis Smoothness in Sparsity Regularization
11:30–11:55 Mykhaylo Yudytskiy*, Tapio Helin and Ronny Ramlau A Finite Element--Wavelet Hybrid Algorithm for Atmospheric Tomography
12:00–12:25 Daniela Saxenhuber* and Ronny Ramlau A Gradient Based Method for Atmospheric Tomography
Mon, 9th 15:30–15:55 Z.1.29 Esther Klann* Regularization Properties of Mumford-Shah Type Functionals with Perimeter and Norm Constraints for Linear Ill-Posed Problems
16:00–16:25 André Gaul* Deflated Krylov Subspace Methods for Nonlinear Schrödinger Problems
16:30–16:55 Jennifer Pestana*, David Titley-Peloquin and Andrew Wathen Convergence Bounds that Depend on the Right-Hand Side Vector
17:00–17:25 Kirk Soodhalter* Krylov Subspace Recycling: A Direct Projection Method for Solving Shifted Linear Systems

Material and Topology Optimization: Theory, Methods and Applications

(Coordinator: Michael Stingl)

Thu, 12th 16:00–15:55 Z.1.29 Andrzej Myśliński* Binary Level Set Method for Topology Optimization of Variational Inequalities
16:30–16:55 Michael Stingl* and Bastian Schmidt A Flexible Approach for Multiple Layer Shape Optimization in Mechanical Systems
17:00–17:25 François Jouve*, Grégoire Allaire and Georgios Michailidis Recent Advances in Shape and Topology Optimization via the Level Set Method in an Industrial Context
Fri, 13th 10:30–10:55 Z.1.29 Jaroslav Haslinger*, Jukka I. Toivanen and Raino A.E. Mäkinen Shape and Topology Optimization of Systems Governed by External Bernoulli Free Boundary Problems
11:00–11:25 Mathias Stolpe* Methods for Large-Scale Variable Thickness Sheet Problems
11:30–11:55 Michal Kocvara*, Daniel Loghin and James Turner Domain Decomposition Techniques in Topology Optimization
12:00–12:25 Jannis Greifenstein*, Michael Stingl and Fabian Wein Simultaneous Material and Topology Optimization

Mathematical Modeling of Physical Phenomena

(Coordinators: Francesca Bucci and Daniel Toundykov)

Thu, 12th 10:30–10:55 HS B Suncica Canic, Boris Muha* and Martina Bukac A Nonlinear Moving-Boundary Problem of Parabolic-Hyperbolic-Hyperbolic Type Arising in Fluid-Multi-Layered Structure Interaction Problems
11:30–11:55 George Avalos* Rational Decay Estimates for Fluid-Structure PDE Models
12:00–12:25 Marié Grobbelaar* Coupled PDE Models for the Mindlin-Timoshenko Plate

Modelling and Control of Mechatronic Systems

(Coordinator: Martin Horn)

Mon, 9th 15:30–15:55 E.1.05 Kai Treichel, Remon Al Azrak, Johann Reger* and Kai Wulff Modeling and Control of a 3 DOF Planar Motor for Precision Positioning
16:00–16:25 Anton Hofer*, Bojan Grcar, Gorazd Stumberger and Peter Cafuta On-line Tuning of Torque Controllers for Induction Machines
16:30–16:55 Johannes Huber, Christoph Gruber and Michael Hofbaur* Online Trajectory Optimization and Tracking for Nonlinear Systems - Applied to the Reaction Wheel Pendulum
17:00–17:25 Jakob Rehrl* Model Predictive Control of Temperature and Humidity in Heating, Ventilating and Air Conditioning Systems
17:30–17:55 Christoph Weise and Kai Wulff* Identification and Simulation of Nonlinear Dynamics Using a Dynamical Local Model Network

Modelling and Optimization in Mathematical Biology

(Coordinators: Klemens Fellner and Christian Schmeiser)

Fri, 13th 10:30–10:55 HS B Vincent Calvez* and Pierre Gabriel Optimal Growth for Simple Polymerization Processes, and Application to Controlled Proliferation of Prion
11:00–11:25 Jean Clairambault*, Frédérique Billy, Olivier Fercoq, Tommaso Lorenzi, Alexander Lorz and Benoît Perthame Physiologically Structured Partial Differential Equation Models of Proliferation in Cell Populations to Optimise Anticancer Treatments
11:30–11:55 Gudrun Schappacher-Tilp* and Walter Herzog Prediction of Force Sharing Among Synergistic Muscles
12:00–12:25 Gael Raoul* PDE Models to Study the Spatial and Evolutionary Dynamics of a Population in a Heterogeneous Environment

New Trends in Regularization Theory and Methods for Geomathematical Problems

(Coordinators: Valeriya Naumova and Sergei Pereverzyev)

Tue, 10th 10:30–11:20 HS 3 Volker Michel* Climate Change and Inverse Problems - A Novel Algorithm for the Analysis of Geosatellite Data
11:30–11:55 Massimo Fornasier* Quasi-linear Compressed Sensing and Applications in Asteroseismology
12:00–12:25 Bernd Hofmann* On the Interplay of Basis Smoothness and Range Conditions in $\ell^1$-Regularization
Tue, 10th 15:30–16:20 HS 3 Gerd Teschke* Iterative Methods for the Recovery of Earthquake Parameters
16:30–16:55 Teresa Regińska* Two-Parameter Discrepancy Principle for Combined Projection and Tikhonov Regularization of Ill-Posed Problems
17:00–17:25 Daniel Gerth* and Ronny Ramlau Stochastic Convergence Analysis for Tikhonov-Regularization with Sparsity Constraints
Wed, 11th 10:30–11:20 HS 3 Ignace Loris* A Convenient Iterative Algorithm for the Solution of an Optimization Problem involving two convex functions, with applications in seismic tomography
11:30–11:55 Hrushikesh Mhaskar* Some applications of local operators
12:00–12:25 Sergiy Pereverzyev Jr.* and Katerina Schindler Granger Causality Graph Construction Using Group Lasso

Noise Estimation, Model Selection and Bilevel Optimization

(Coordinators: Juan Carlos De Los Reyes and Carola Schönlieb)

Thu, 12th 10:30–10:55 HS 2 Juan Carlos De Los Reyes* and Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Image Denoising: Learning Noise Distribution via PDE-Constrained Optimization
11:00–11:25 Karl Kunisch* and Thomas Pock A Bilevel Optimization Approach for Parameter Learning in Variational Models
11:30–11:55 Gabriel Peyré* Model Selection with Piecewise-Smooth Gauges
12:00–12:25 Christoph Brune*, Braxton Osting and Stanley Osher Learning and Experimental Design for Inverse Problems in Imaging
Fri, 13th 10:30–10:55 HS 2 Massimo Fornasier*, Marco Artina and Steffen Peter Damping Noise-Folding and Enhanced Support Recovery in Compressed Sensing
11:00–11:25 Matthias Chung*, Julianne Chung and Dianne O'Leary Designing Optimal Regularized Inverse Matrices for Inverse Problems
11:30–11:55 Luca Calatroni*, Juan Carlos De Los Reyes and Carola Schönlieb Robustness of Sparse Optimal Control in Total Variation Image Denoising
12:00–12:25 Michael Hintermueller* Nonconvex TVq-Models in Image Restoration: Analysis and a Trust-Region Regularization Based Superlinearly Convergent Solver

Nonlinear Mixed Integer Programming and Conic Relaxations

(Coordinator: Christoph Helmberg)

Mon, 9th 10:30–10:55 E.1.05 Sarah Drewes* and Sebastian Pokutta Symmetry-Exploiting Cuts for a Class of Mixed-0/1 Second-Order Cone Programs
11:00–11:25 Christoph Buchheim* and Emiliano Traversi Separable Relaxations for Binary Quadratic Optimization
11:30–11:55 Lena Hupp, Laura Klein, Frauke Liers* and Bernhard Stöcker Constrained Binary Quadratic Optimization - Separation and Exact Solution
12:00–12:25 Anja Fischer*, Frank Fischer and Christoph Helmberg Two General Lifting Approaches for the Quadratic Traveling Salesman Problem

Nonsmooth and Unilateral Problems - Modelling, Analysis and Optimization Methods

(Coordinators: Joachim Gwinner and Mechthild Thalhammer)

Tue, 10th 15:30–15:55 HS C Joachim Gwinner* Three-field Modelling of Nonsmooth Problems and Stability of Differential Mixed Variational Inequalities
16:00–16:25 Jaroslav Haslinger* and Jan Stebel Shape Optimization for Stokes Problems with Threshold Slip
16:30–16:55 Robert Patho*, Jaroslav Haslinger and Jiri Outrata Shape Optimization in Discretized Contact Problems with Coulomb Friction and a Solution-Dependent Coefficient of Friction
17:00–17:25 Luise Blank, Harald Garcke, Vaness Styles and Hassan Farshbaf-Shaker* Relating Phase Field and Sharp Interface Approaches to Structural Topology Optimization
Thu, 12th 10:30–11:20 HS C Ernst P. Stephan* BEM for Contact Problems
11:30–11:55 Heiko Gimperlein*, Matthias Maischak and Ernst P. Stephan FE-/BE-Coupling for Strongly Nonlinear Transmission Problems with Contact
12:00–12:25 Mechthild Thalhammer* Full Discretisations for Nonlinear Evolutionary Inequalities Based on Stiffly Accurate Runge-Kutta and hp-Finite Element Methods

Nonsmooth Optimization

(Coordinator: Andrea Walther)

Thu, 12th 15:30–15:55 HS 4 Christopher Schneider* Linear-Quadratic Control Problems with $\boldsymbol{L^1}$-Control Cost
16:30–16:55 Carsten Gräser* Nonsmooth Schur-Newton Methods for Multicomponent Cahn-Hilliard Equations
17:00–17:25 Kathrin Flaßkamp* Nonsmooth Optimization for Discretized Switching Time Problems
Fri, 13th 10:30–10:55 HS 4 Kamil Khan* and Paul Barton Evaluating Generalized Derivatives of Nonsmooth Dynamic Systems
11:00–11:25 Markus Beckers* and Uwe Naumann Deterministic Global Robust Optimization using McCormick Relaxations
11:30–11:55 Manuel Radons* Representations and Analysis of Piecewise Linear Functions in Abs-normal form
12:00–12:25 Sabrina Fiege*, Andreas Griewank and Andrea Walther Optimizing Nonsmooth Lipschitz Continuous Functions by Piecewise Linearization Based on Algorithmic Differentiation

Novel Directions in Control of Evolutionary PDE Problems

(Coordinators: George Avalos and Francesca Bucci)

Mon, 9th 11:00–10:55 HS B Cristina Pignotti* Stability Results for Second-Order Evolution Equations with Switching Time-Delay
11:30–11:55 Michael Pokojovy* On Controllability for Heat Conduction with Delay
Mon, 9th 15:30–15:55 HS B Luciano Pandolfi* and Enrico Priola Cheap Control versus Controllability with Vanishing Energy
16:00–16:25 Scott Hansen* Stability and Stabilization Results for the Rao-Nakra Layered Beam System
16:30–16:55 Daniel Toundykov* Global Exact Controllability of Semilinear Plate Equations

On Optimal Feedback Control for Partial Differential Equations: Theory and Numerical Methods

(Coordinators: Axel Kröner and Sergio S. Rodrigues)

Tue, 10th 15:30–15:55 HS 2 Alessandro Alla and Maurizio Falcone* A POD-HJB Approach to Optimal Control Problems for PDEs
16:00–16:25 Sérgio Rodrigues* Boundary Observability Inequalities for the Oseen--Stokes System
16:30–16:55 Maurizio Falcone and Dante Kalise* A High-Order Semi-Lagrangian/Finite Volume Scheme for Dynamic Programming Equations
17:00–17:25 Cecilia Prosdocimi* Asset Allocation and Optimal Retirement with Sticky Wages: a Stochastic Optimal Control Problem with Delay
Wed, 11th 10:30–10:55 HS 2 Peter Benner*, Jens Saak and Heiko Weichelt Numerical Solution of the Feedback Control Problem for Navier-Stokes Equations
11:00–11:25 Catalin Lefter* Unique Continuation, Control and Stabilization for Fluid Dynamics Equations
11:30–11:55 Olivier Bokanowski* Characterization of the Value Function of Optimal Control Problems with State Constraints, and Feedback Optimal Control
12:00–12:25 Cristopher Hermosilla* Stratified ODEs and Necessary Conditions For Robustness

Optimal Control of Time-Dependent Variational Inequalities

(Coordinator: Gerd Wachsmuth)

Fri, 13th 10:30–10:55 HS 1 Martin Brokate* Optimal Control Problems with Rate Independent Evolutions
11:00–11:25 Lukas Adam* and Jiri Outrata Optimal Control of a Discontinuous Problem
11:30–11:55 Hassan Farshbaf-Shaker*, Pierluigi Colli and Jürgen Sprekels A Deep Quench Approach to Optimal Control of an Allen-Cahn Equation with Dynamic Boundary Conditions and Double Obstacles
12:00–12:25 Gerd Wachsmuth* Optimal Control of Quasistatic Plasticity

Optimal Design of Spatio-Temporal Networks and Systems

(Coordinator: Jürgen Pilz)

Thu, 12th 15:30–16:20 HS C Dariusz Ucinski* Optimum Design of Hybrid Sensor Networks for Parameter Estimation of Spatiotemporal Processes
16:30–16:55 Ewa Skubalska-Rafajłowicz* and Ewaryst Rafajłowicz Deployment of Sensors According to Quasi-Random and Well Distributed Sequences or Nonparametric Estimation of Spatial Means of Random Fields
17:00–17:25 Jan Gorecki* and Andrzej Kucharski Optimization of Sensor Network Coverage Utilizing the Dependency between Sensor Relationships and Observed Phenomena
Fri, 13th 10:30–11:20 HS C Ewaryst Rafajłowicz* and Wojciech Rafajłowicz More Safe Optimal Input Signals for Parameter Estimation of Linear Systems with Spatio-Temporal Dynamics
11:30–11:55 Gunter Spöck* Spatial Sampling Design for Trans-Gaussian Kriging.

Optimization of Mechanical Systems

(Coordinator: Christian Meyer)

Mon, 9th 15:30–16:20 HS 1 Michael Hinze* and Christian Kahle Model Predictive Control of Two-Phase Flows
16:30–16:55 Sergio Gonzalez-Andrade* Optimization Techniques for the Numerical Simulation of Non-Newtonian Fluids
17:00–17:25 Antoine Laurain*, Michael Hintermueller and Irwin Yousept A Shape Optimization Method for Magnetic Induction Tomography
Thu, 12th 10:30–10:55 HS 1 Stefan Frei, Rolf Rannacher and Winnifried Wollner* Optimal Control of Biharmonic Operator
11:00–11:25 Daniela Koller* and Stefan Ulbrich Optimal Control of Hydroforming Processes Based on Reduced Order Models
11:30–11:55 Thomas Betz* and Christian Meyer Second-Order Sufficient Conditions for Optimal Control of Elastoplasticity

Preconditioning for PDE-Constrained Optimization

(Coordinator: Walter Zulehner)

Wed, 11th 10:30–10:55 HS 4 Lorenz John* and Olaf Steinbach Preconditioning of Optimal Dirichlet Boundary Control Problems in Energy Spaces
11:00–11:25 Roland Herzog and Susann Mach* On the Preconditioning of Optimal Control Problems with State Gradient Constraints
11:30–11:55 Anton Schiela* and Stefan Ulbrich Operator Preconditioning for a Class of Inequality Constrained Optimal Control Problems
12:00–12:25 John W. Pearson and Martin Stoll* Fast Iterative Solution of Reaction-Diffusion Control Problems Arising from Chemical Processes
Thu, 12th 10:30–10:55 HS 4 Kent-Andre Mardal* and Bjørn Fredrik Nielsen Efficient Preconditioning of Optimality Systems with Non Self-Adjoint State operators
11:00–11:25 Valeria Simoncini* and Mattia Tani Krylov Subspace Solvers and Indefinite Preconditioning of Saddle Point Algebraic Linear Systems
11:30–11:55 Stefan Takacs* An All-at-Once Multigrid Method Applied to a Stokes Control Problem
12:00–12:25 Ekkehard Sachs* and Xuancan Ye Model Reduction and Preconditioning for PDE-Constrained Optimization

Shape Optimization and Free Boundaries

(Coordinators: Cornel Murea and Dan Tiba)

Wed, 11th 10:30–10:55 Z.1.29 Peter Philip* and Dan Tiba Penalization and Regularization Techniques in Shape Optimization in Arbitrary Dimension
11:00–11:25 Cornel Murea* and Dan Tiba A Penalization Method for the Elliptic Obstacle Problem
11:30–11:55 Dan Tiba* Functional Variations in Shape Optimization
12:00–12:25 Andrei Halanay*, Cornel Murea and Dan Tiba A Fluid-Structure Interaction Problem Using Fictitious Domain Approach with Penalization
Thu, 12th 10:30–10:55 Z.1.29 Diana Merlusca* A Duality-Type Method for the Obstacle Problem
11:00–11:25 Henry Kasumba*, Karl Kunisch and Antoine Laurain A Bilevel Shape Optimization Problem for the Exterior Bernoulli Free Boundary Problem

Stability, Sensitivity and Error Analysis for Optimal Control Problems

(Coordinators: Roland Herzog and Arnd Rösch)

Mon, 9th 10:30–11:20 HS 1 John Burns* and Kasie Farlow Uncertainty and Sensitivity Analysis in Control of Delay Differential Equations
11:30–11:55 Jiri Outrata* On Stability of a Class of Equilibrium Problems
12:00–12:25 Marc Quincampoix and Vladimir Veliov* Metric Regularity and Stability of Optimal Control Problems for Linear Systems
Tue, 10th 10:30–11:20 HS 1 Ira Neitzel*, Johannes Pfefferer and Arnd Rösch On the Stability of Second Order Sufficient Optimality Conditions for State Constrained Elliptic Control Problems with Respect to Discretization
11:30–11:55 Eduardo Casas* and Fredi Tröltzsch Second Order and Stability Analysis for State-Constrained Elliptic Optimal Control Problems with Sparse Controls
12:00–12:25 Christopher Ryll*, Fredi Tröltzsch and Eduardo Casas Sparse Controls for the Optimization of Traveling Wave Fronts
Thu, 12th 15:30–15:55 HS 1 Michael Hinze*, Wei Gong and Zhaojie Zhou Space-Time Finite Element Approximation of Parabolic Optimal Control Problems
16:00–16:25 Anton Schiela*, Lars Lubkoll and Martin Weiser An Optimal Control Problem in Polyconvex Elasticity
16:30–16:55 Ute Assmann* and Arnd Rösch Regularization in Sobolev Spaces with Fractional Order
17:00–17:25 Hendrik Feldhordt*, Arnd Rösch and Michael Winkler Optimal Control of a Chemotaxis Problem

Stochastic Models, Control and Applications

(Coordinators: Andrzej Palczewski and Lukasz Stettner)

Thu, 12th 10:30–10:55 E.1.05 Bozenna Pasik-Duncan* and Tyrone Duncan Solvability for Stochastic Control Problems with an Arbitrary Noise Process
11:00–11:25 Richard Stockbridge* and Thomas Kurtz Linear Programming Formulations of Singular Stochastic Control Problems
11:30–11:55 Andrzej Palczewski* Asymptotics of Local Volatility Models
12:00–12:25 Jacek Jakubowski* Dependence Between Components of Multivariate Markov Chains
Thu, 12th 15:30–15:55 E.1.05 Kurt Helmes*, Rainer Schlosser and Martin Weber Controlled New-Product Growth Models
16:00–16:25 Lukasz Stettner* Stopping Problems for General Partially Observed Models
16:30–16:55 Jan Palczewski* Optimal Stopping With a Total Reward Criterion and Infinite Horizon

Stochastic Models for Optimization of Electric Power Systems

(Coordinator: Alfred Kalliauer)

Mon, 9th 10:30–10:55 HS C Alfred Kalliauer* Methodological Concepts for Stochastic Optimization of Electric Power System Operation
11:00–11:25 Georg Ostermaier* Added Value of Scenario Tree Based Stochastic Optimization in Long and Medium Term Planning of Hydro Power Systems
11:30–11:55 Mario Pereira and Raphael Chabar* New Developments on the Representation of CVaR Constraints and Fuel Prices Uncertainty in Stochastic Dual Dynamic Programming
12:00–12:25 Walter Reinisch* and Willibald Kritscha Applying Mixed Integer Linear Programming to Stochastic Medium Term Optimization of Thermal and Hydro Power Systems
Mon, 9th 15:30–15:55 HS C Bita Analui* and Raimund Kovacevic Medium Term Hydroelectric Production Planning - a Multistage Stochastic Optimization Model
16:00–16:25 Peter Gross*, Raimund Kovacevic and Georg Pflug The Optimal Choice of the Strike Price for Energy Swing Options
16:30–17:20 Alfred Kalliauer* Panel Discussion: Where to Go?

Unique Word OFDM

(Coordinators: Johannes Huber and Mario Huemer)

Tue, 10th 10:30–11:20 Z.1.29 Mario Huemer* and Johannes Huber* Unique Word Prefix OFDM (UW-OFDM): An Overview
11:30–11:55 Werner Haselmayr* SUMIS and FG: A Novel Detection Technique for Coded Unique Word OFDM
12:00–12:25 Jakob Rettelbach* and Johannes Huber Combined Reduction of Peak-to-Average Power Ratio and Average Transmit Power in Unique-Word OFDM via Selected Mapping
Tue, 10th 15:30–15:55 Z.1.29 Heidi Steendam* On the Diversity Order of UW-OFDM
16:00–16:25 Robert Fischer* Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction in OFDM using Sparse Signal
16:30–16:55 Christian Hofbauer* The Effects of Carrier Frequency Offset in UW-OFDM Systems

Special Session on Software Patents

Thu, 12th 18:15–19:00 HS 2 Wolfgang König* Patents on Software? Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions in the field of Computer-Modeling and -Simulation

Contributed Talks

Mon, 9th 15:30–15:55 HS 4 Reema Al-Aifari* and Alexander Katsevich Spectral and Asymptotic Analysis for the Truncated Hilbert Transform Arising in Limited Data Tomography
16:00–16:25 Maïtine Bergounioux and David Vicente* Variational Method for 3D Image Segmentation
16:30–16:55 Benedict Geihe* A Posteriori Error Estimates for Nested Laminates in Shape Optimization
17:30–17:55 Maria Schütte*, Stephan Schmidt and Andrea Walther Shape Optimization for Inverse Electromagnetic Scattering Problems
Tue, 10th 15:30–15:55 HS 4 Alexander Chebotarev* Inverse Problems for Navier-Stokes Systems
16:00–16:25 Andrey Kovtanyuk*, Alexander Chebotarev, Nikolai Botkin and Karl-Heinz Hoffmann Control of the Energy Flux in a Model of Complex Heat Transfer
16:30–16:55 Hannes Meinlschmidt* and Stefan Ulbrich Optimal Control of Partial Differential-Algebraic Equations
17:00–17:25 Sebastian Pfaff* and Stefan Ulbrich Optimal Control of Networks of Nonlinear Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
17:30–17:55 Vladimir Vrabel* and Valdemar Melicher On a Continuation Approach in Tikhonov regularization
Wed, 11th 10:30–10:55 E.1.05 Yuusaku Kamura* and Mario Nakamori A Simple Approximation Algorithm for the Modified Bottleneck Assignment Problem in Vector Case
11:00–11:25 Daniel Krenn* Optimal and Non-Optimal Digit Expansions in Cryptography
11:30–11:55 René Henrion, Werner Römisch and Konstantin Emich* On M-Stationary Points for an Equilibrium Problem with Equilibrium Constraints in Electricity Spot Market Modeling
Thu, 12th 15:30–15:55 HS 2 Elena Goncharova and Maxim Staritsyn* The Reduction Method for Optimal Impulsive Control Problems with Nonstandard State Constraints
16:00–16:25 Elena Kostousova* On Target Control Synthesis Under Set-Membership Uncertainties Using Polyhedral Techniques
16:30–16:55 Alexander Kruger* About Extended Extremal Principle and Regularity of Collections of Sets
17:30–17:55 Irina Bolodurina* and Tatyana Ogurtsova The Optimal Control of the Behavior of Enterprises of Cellular Communication in the Conditions of Competitive Struggle
Fri, 13th 10:30–10:55 E.1.05 Monica-Dana Burlica* and Daniela Rosu Viability of a Moving Set with Respect to a Semilinear Reaction-Diffusion System with delay
11:00–11:25 Marius Popescu*, Mihai Necula and Ioan Vrabie Nonlinear Delay Evolution Inclusions on Graphs
11:30–11:55 Salah-Eddine Rebiai* and Fatima Zohra Sidi Ali Exponential Stability of Compactly Coupled Wave Equations with Delay Terms in the Boundary Feedbacks