The Effects of Carrier Frequency Offset in UW-OFDM Systems

Christian Hofbauer*

Unique Word - Orthogonal Frequency Division Multiplexing (UW-OFDM) has proven to outperform classical Cyclic Prefix (CP) OFDM in many ways, e.g., in terms of bit error ratio performance or spectral behavior. OFDM signaling schemes in general are known to be highly sensitive to carrier frequency offset (CFO) between transmitter and receiver. Consequently, this presentation will show the effects of CFO on UW-OFDM, present various possibilities to estimate and compensate it, and additionally analyze the sensitivity of UW-OFDM in comparison to conventional CP-OFDM.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 94A05 94A14

Keywords: Unique Word; OFDM; UW-OFDM; Carrier Frequency Offset

Minisymposion: Unique Word OFDM