Identification of Material Parameters and External Forces for Damage Monitoring in Anisotropic, Elastic Plates from Boundary Measurements

Thomas Schuster*

Damage detection and monitoring for anisotropic materials such as carbon fibre reinforced composites is of great economic importance on the one side (e.g. aircrafts are nowadays mainly made of composite materials), and on the other side is very challenging in view of the analysis of the applied mathematical models. In the talk we consider elasticity models of thin, anisotropic plates which serve as waveguids and investigate their ability to build a monitoring system. The latter aim is pursued by presenting the analysis of inverse identification of material parameters and inverse source detection from bopundary measurements taken from the surface of the plate. We answer questions concerning existence and uniqueness for solutions of the underlying direct and inverse problems and demonstrate the performance of the inverse source computation as monitoring system with the help of several numerical experiments.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 65M32 74B05 74J25

Keywords: material parameters, elasticity, anisotropy, waveguide, wave equation, structural health monitoring

Minisymposion: Inverse Problems in Elasticity