A Model-Based Testing Approach for Embedded Fractional-Order PID Controllers

Marek Długosz* and Paweł Skruch

Proportional-Integral-Derivative (PID) control is the most common control algorithm used in industry. Fractional-order PID (FPID) controllers have attracted many attention both in academia and industry during the past decade. The digital PID controller using a microprocessor as well as its software implementation have recently come into the applications. In this context, one of the important engineering tasks has become testing as a mean to assure required quality and minimize the risk of errors. The popularization of models in design and development of embedded systems suggests model-based testing (MBT) approach as the preferred methodology for conducting testing activities. MBT relates to a process where test artifacts are generated with the help of abstract models that describe the behavior of software systems. This paper introduces model-based approach to testing problem for embedded FPID controllers. The presented approach concerns notation of tests, implementation of a test comparator, calculation of test coverage and test case generation. An example is given to present a perspective on the applicability of the approach for industrial projects.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 35X01

Keywords: pid, fractional-order, embedded

Minisymposion: Fractional Order Calculus: Applications in Modeling and Control