Model Reduction Based Optimization in Field-Flow Fractionation

Tatjana Stykel* and Carina Willbold

We discuss the application of model order reduction to optimal control problems governed by coupled systems of the Stokes-Brinkman and advection-diffusion equations. Such problems arise in field-flow fractionation processes for the efficient and fast separation of particles of different size in microfluidic flows. Our approach is based on a combination of the interpolatory projection method and the POD-DEIM technique for model reduction of the semidiscretized optimality system. Numerical results demonstrate the properties of this approach.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 49J20 65D15 93C10

Keywords: Optimal control; model reduction; interpolatory projection; proper orthogonal decomposition

Minisymposion: Adaptivity and Model Order Reduction in PDE Constrained Optimization