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Thursday, September 12th 2013

09:00 Luís Nunes Vicente: Zero-Order Methods: Global Rates and Randomness
10:00 Coffee Break
HS B HS C HS 1 HS 2 HS 3 HS 4 Z.1.29 E.1.05
Mathematical Modeling of Physical Phenomena Nonsmooth and Unilateral Problems - Modelling, Analysis and Optimization Methods Optimization of Mechanical Systems Noise Estimation, Model Selection and Bilevel Optimization Dual Methods for Approaching Inverse Problems Preconditioning for PDE-Constrained Optimization Shape Optimization and Free Boundaries Stochastic Models, Control and Applications
10:30 Muha Stephan Wollner De Los Reyes Clason Mardal Merlusca Pasik-Duncan
11:00 Koller Kunisch Benning Simoncini Kasumba Stockbridge
11:30 Avalos Gimperlein Betz Peyré Gehre Takacs Palczewski
12:00 Grobbelaar Thalhammer Brune Leitao Sachs Jakubowski
12:30 Lunch Break
14:00 Barbara Wohlmuth: Energy Correction Schemes in Space and Time
15:00 Coffee Break
HS B HS C HS 1 HS 2 HS 3 HS 4 Z.1.29 E.1.05
Analysis and Control of Evolution Equations and Inclusions Optimal Design of Spatio-Temporal Networks and Systems Stability, Sensitivity and Error Analysis for Optimal Control Problems Contributed Talks Inverse Problems in Elasticity Nonsmooth Optimization Material and Topology Optimization: Theory, Methods and Applications Stochastic Models, Control and Applications
15:30 Migorski Ucinski Hinze Staritsyn Nakamura Schneider Helmes
16:00 Radulescu Schiela Kostousova Morassi Myśliński Stettner
16:30 Michta Skubalska-Rafajłowicz Assmann Kruger Sedipkov Gräser Stingl Palczewski
17:00 Motyl Gorecki Feldhordt Schuster Flaßkamp Jouve
17:30 Bolodurina
HS 2
18:15 Wolfgang König: Patents on Software? Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions in the field of Computer-Modeling and -Simulation

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HS APlenary Lecture
09:00– 09:50Luís Nunes Vicente* Zero-Order Methods: Global Rates and Randomness
HS BMathematical Modeling of Physical Phenomena
10:30– 10:55Suncica Canic, Boris Muha* and Martina Bukac A Nonlinear Moving-Boundary Problem of Parabolic-Hyperbolic-Hyperbolic Type Arising in Fluid-Multi-Layered Structure Interaction Problems
11:30– 11:55George Avalos* Rational Decay Estimates for Fluid-Structure PDE Models
12:00– 12:25Marié Grobbelaar* Coupled PDE Models for the Mindlin-Timoshenko Plate
HS CNonsmooth and Unilateral Problems - Modelling, Analysis and Optimization Methods
10:30– 11:20Ernst P. Stephan* BEM for Contact Problems
11:30– 11:55Heiko Gimperlein*, Matthias Maischak and Ernst P. Stephan FE-/BE-Coupling for Strongly Nonlinear Transmission Problems with Contact
12:00– 12:25Mechthild Thalhammer* Full Discretisations for Nonlinear Evolutionary Inequalities Based on Stiffly Accurate Runge-Kutta and hp-Finite Element Methods
HS 1Optimization of Mechanical Systems
10:30– 10:55Stefan Frei, Rolf Rannacher and Winnifried Wollner* Optimal Control of Biharmonic Operator
11:00– 11:25Daniela Koller* and Stefan Ulbrich Optimal Control of Hydroforming Processes Based on Reduced Order Models
11:30– 11:55Thomas Betz* and Christian Meyer Second-Order Sufficient Conditions for Optimal Control of Elastoplasticity
HS 2Noise Estimation, Model Selection and Bilevel Optimization
10:30– 10:55Juan Carlos De Los Reyes* and Carola-Bibiane Schönlieb Image Denoising: Learning Noise Distribution via PDE-Constrained Optimization
11:00– 11:25Karl Kunisch* and Thomas Pock A Bilevel Optimization Approach for Parameter Learning in Variational Models
11:30– 11:55Gabriel Peyré* Model Selection with Piecewise-Smooth Gauges
12:00– 12:25Christoph Brune*, Braxton Osting and Stanley Osher Learning and Experimental Design for Inverse Problems in Imaging
HS 3Dual Methods for Approaching Inverse Problems
10:30– 10:55Christian Clason* Parameter Identification Problems with Uniform Noise
11:00– 11:25Martin Benning* and Martin Burger Ground States and Singular Vectors of Convex Variational Regularization Methods
11:30– 11:55Matthias Gehre* An Approximate Bayesian Approach for Uncertainty Quantification in EIT
12:00– 12:25Antonio Leitao* and Maicon Marques Alves On Landweber–Kaczmarz Methods for Regularizing Systems of Ill-Posed Equations in Banach Spaces
HS 4Preconditioning for PDE-Constrained Optimization
10:30– 10:55Kent-Andre Mardal* and Bjørn Fredrik Nielsen Efficient Preconditioning of Optimality Systems with Non Self-Adjoint State operators
11:00– 11:25Valeria Simoncini* and Mattia Tani Krylov Subspace Solvers and Indefinite Preconditioning of Saddle Point Algebraic Linear Systems
11:30– 11:55Stefan Takacs* An All-at-Once Multigrid Method Applied to a Stokes Control Problem
12:00– 12:25Ekkehard Sachs* and Xuancan Ye Model Reduction and Preconditioning for PDE-Constrained Optimization
Z.1.29Shape Optimization and Free Boundaries
10:30– 10:55Diana Merlusca* A Duality-Type Method for the Obstacle Problem
11:00– 11:25Henry Kasumba*, Karl Kunisch and Antoine Laurain A Bilevel Shape Optimization Problem for the Exterior Bernoulli Free Boundary Problem
E.1.05Stochastic Models, Control and Applications
10:30– 10:55Bozenna Pasik-Duncan* and Tyrone Duncan Solvability for Stochastic Control Problems with an Arbitrary Noise Process
11:00– 11:25Richard Stockbridge* and Thomas Kurtz Linear Programming Formulations of Singular Stochastic Control Problems
11:30– 11:55Andrzej Palczewski* Asymptotics of Local Volatility Models
12:00– 12:25Jacek Jakubowski* Dependence Between Components of Multivariate Markov Chains
HS APlenary Lecture
14:00– 14:50Barbara Wohlmuth* Energy Correction Schemes in Space and Time
HS BAnalysis and Control of Evolution Equations and Inclusions
15:30– 15:55Stanislaw Migorski* Evolution Inclusions with Applications to Hemivariational Inequalities
16:00– 16:25Rodica Radulescu*, Doina Candea and Andrei Halanay A Control Delay Differential Equations Model of Evolution of Normal and Leukemic Cell Populations Under Treatment
16:30– 16:55Mariusz Michta* On Solutions to Set-Valued Stochastic Integral Equations and Inclusions
17:00– 17:25Jerzy Motyl* Stochastic Itô Inclusion with Upper Separated Multifunctions
HS COptimal Design of Spatio-Temporal Networks and Systems
15:30– 16:20Dariusz Ucinski* Optimum Design of Hybrid Sensor Networks for Parameter Estimation of Spatiotemporal Processes
16:30– 16:55Ewa Skubalska-Rafajłowicz* and Ewaryst Rafajłowicz Deployment of Sensors According to Quasi-Random and Well Distributed Sequences or Nonparametric Estimation of Spatial Means of Random Fields
17:00– 17:25Jan Gorecki* and Andrzej Kucharski Optimization of Sensor Network Coverage Utilizing the Dependency between Sensor Relationships and Observed Phenomena
HS 1Stability, Sensitivity and Error Analysis for Optimal Control Problems
15:30– 15:55Michael Hinze*, Wei Gong and Zhaojie Zhou Space-Time Finite Element Approximation of Parabolic Optimal Control Problems
16:00– 16:25Anton Schiela*, Lars Lubkoll and Martin Weiser An Optimal Control Problem in Polyconvex Elasticity
16:30– 16:55Ute Assmann* and Arnd Rösch Regularization in Sobolev Spaces with Fractional Order
17:00– 17:25Hendrik Feldhordt*, Arnd Rösch and Michael Winkler Optimal Control of a Chemotaxis Problem
HS 2Contributed Talks
15:30– 15:55Elena Goncharova and Maxim Staritsyn* The Reduction Method for Optimal Impulsive Control Problems with Nonstandard State Constraints
16:00– 16:25Elena Kostousova* On Target Control Synthesis Under Set-Membership Uncertainties Using Polyhedral Techniques
16:30– 16:55Alexander Kruger* About Extended Extremal Principle and Regularity of Collections of Sets
17:30– 17:55Irina Bolodurina* and Tatyana Ogurtsova The Optimal Control of the Behavior of Enterprises of Cellular Communication in the Conditions of Competitive Struggle
HS 3Inverse Problems in Elasticity
15:30– 15:55Gen Nakamura* Stability Estimate for Identifying Viscoelasticity by an Interior Measurement
16:00– 16:25Giovanni Alessandrini, Michele Di Cristo, Antonino Morassi* and Edi Rosset Stable Determination of the Support of Discontinuous Lamé Moduli by the Dirichlet-to-Neumann Map
16:30– 16:55Aydys A. Sedipkov* Direct and Inverse Problems of the Theory of Wave Propagation in an Elastic Inhomogeneous Medium with Discontinuous Parameters
17:00– 17:25Thomas Schuster* Identification of Material Parameters and External Forces for Damage Monitoring in Anisotropic, Elastic Plates from Boundary Measurements
HS 4Nonsmooth Optimization
15:30– 15:55Christopher Schneider* Linear-Quadratic Control Problems with $\boldsymbol{L^1}$-Control Cost
16:30– 16:55Carsten Gräser* Nonsmooth Schur-Newton Methods for Multicomponent Cahn-Hilliard Equations
17:00– 17:25Kathrin Flaßkamp* Nonsmooth Optimization for Discretized Switching Time Problems
Z.1.29Material and Topology Optimization: Theory, Methods and Applications
16:00– 15:55Andrzej Myśliński* Binary Level Set Method for Topology Optimization of Variational Inequalities
16:30– 16:55Michael Stingl* and Bastian Schmidt A Flexible Approach for Multiple Layer Shape Optimization in Mechanical Systems
17:00– 17:25François Jouve*, Grégoire Allaire and Georgios Michailidis Recent Advances in Shape and Topology Optimization via the Level Set Method in an Industrial Context
E.1.05Stochastic Models, Control and Applications
15:30– 15:55Kurt Helmes*, Rainer Schlosser and Martin Weber Controlled New-Product Growth Models
16:00– 16:25Lukasz Stettner* Stopping Problems for General Partially Observed Models
16:30– 16:55Jan Palczewski* Optimal Stopping With a Total Reward Criterion and Infinite Horizon
HS 2Special Session on Software Patents
18:15– 19:00Wolfgang König* Patents on Software? Patentability of Computer-Implemented Inventions in the field of Computer-Modeling and -Simulation