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Adaptivity and Model Order Reduction in PDE Constrained Optimization Michael Hinze, Kunibert G. Siebert and Winnifried Wollner HS 1 HS 1
Algorithms Based on Semidefinite Optimization Angelika Wiegele E.1.05
Analysis and Control of Evolution Equations and Inclusions Nasir U. Ahmed, Stanislaw Migorski and Ioan I. Vrabie HS B HS B
Computational Methods for Inverse Problems/Control Problems in Banach Spaces Christian Clason HS 3
Computational Optimization Methods in Statistics, Econometrics and Finance Reinhard Neck HS 4 E.1.05
Dual Methods for Approaching Inverse Problems Elena Resmerita HS 3
Dynamic Programming Approach to Optimal Control Methods and Applications Varvara Turova and Nikolai Botkin HS 2 HS 2 HS 2
Fractional Order Calculus: Applications in Modeling and Control Wojciech Mitkowski and Krzysztof Oprzędkiewicz HS C HS C
Harmonic Analysis with Applications to Uniqueness and Inverse Estimates for PDEs Matthias Eller and Daniel Toundykov HS B
High Resolution Imaging with Geometric Priors Martin Benning and Tuomo Valkonen HS 3
Integration of Optimization, Modeling and Data Analysis for Solving Real World Problems Janusz Granat HS 4
Inverse Problems in Elasticity Thomas Schuster and Barbara Kaltenbacher HS 3 HS 3
Iterative Methods for Ill-Posed Problems Elena Resmerita, Kirk Soodhalter and Ronny Ramlau Z.1.29 Z.1.29
Material and Topology Optimization: Theory, Methods and Applications Michael Stingl Z.1.29 Z.1.29
Mathematical Modeling of Physical Phenomena Francesca Bucci and Daniel Toundykov HS B
Modelling and Control of Mechatronic Systems Martin Horn E.1.05
Modelling and Optimization in Mathematical Biology Klemens Fellner and Christian Schmeiser HS B
New Trends in Regularization Theory and Methods for Geomathematical Problems Valeriya Naumova and Sergei Pereverzyev HS 3 HS 3 HS 3
Noise Estimation, Model Selection and Bilevel Optimization Juan Carlos De Los Reyes and Carola Schönlieb HS 2 HS 2
Nonlinear Mixed Integer Programming and Conic Relaxations Christoph Helmberg E.1.05
Nonsmooth Optimization Andrea Walther HS 4 HS 4
Nonsmooth and Unilateral Problems - Modelling, Analysis and Optimization Methods Joachim Gwinner and Mechthild Thalhammer HS C HS C
Novel Directions in Control of Evolutionary PDE Problems George Avalos and Francesca Bucci HS B HS B
On Optimal Feedback Control for Partial Differential Equations: Theory and Numerical Methods Axel Kröner and Sergio S. Rodrigues HS 2 HS 2
Optimal Control of Time-Dependent Variational Inequalities Gerd Wachsmuth HS 1
Optimal Design of Spatio-Temporal Networks and Systems Jürgen Pilz HS C HS C
Optimization of Mechanical Systems Christian Meyer HS 1 HS 1
Preconditioning for PDE-Constrained Optimization Walter Zulehner HS 4 HS 4
Shape Optimization and Free Boundaries Cornel Murea and Dan Tiba Z.1.29 Z.1.29
Stability, Sensitivity and Error Analysis for Optimal Control Problems Roland Herzog and Arnd Rösch HS 1 HS 1 HS 1
Stochastic Models for Optimization of Electric Power Systems Alfred Kalliauer HS C HS C
Stochastic Models, Control and Applications Andrzej Palczewski and Lukasz Stettner E.1.05 E.1.05
Unique Word OFDM Johannes Huber and Mario Huemer Z.1.29 Z.1.29
Contributed Talks HS 4 HS 4 E.1.05 HS 2 E.1.05
Special Session on Software Patents HS 2