Global Exact Controllability of Semilinear Plate Equations

Daniel Toundykov*

I will discuss some exact controllability results for semilinear hyperbolic PDE's. In early 1990's it was demonstrated by Lasiecka and Triggiani that the global exact interior and boundary controllability holds for many wave and plate models with nonlinear source terms, provided the source feedback maps are globally Lipschitz. In the special case of localized interior controls these theorems have been extended by Li and Zhang to sources that are at most "logarithmically superlinear" at infinity. I will present some nascent developments concerning global exact controllability for plate equations with more general polynomially bounded sources.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 93B05 74K20 35L76

Keywords: controllability; plate; semilinear; nonlinear; source

Minisymposion: Novel Directions in Control of Evolutionary PDE Problems