Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction in OFDM using Sparse Signal

Robert Fischer*

The algorithmic control of the peak-to-average power ratio (PAR) in orthogonal frequency-division multiplexing (OFDM) has attracted a lot of attention. When applying PAR reduction schemes, the demands on the analog transmitter frontend can be relaxed significantly. In this contribution, PAR reduction based on sparse signals is reviewed and assessed. In particular, transmitter-side tone reservation (using a frequency-sparse optimization signal) is contrasted with simple clipping (time-sparse signal) and receiver-side compressed sensing (CS) signal recovery. The combination of both principles is discussed and an optimal choice of the samples used in the CS reconstruction algorithm is presented.

Mathematics Subject Classification: 94A05 94A14

Keywords: OFDM; PAR; Compressed Sensing; Tone Reservation; Clipping

Minisymposion: Unique Word OFDM