Accepted Papers

The collected conference proceedings have been published. A list of extended abstracts accepted for AofA2020 can be found below. Click on the papers for more details; additional resources (slides and video presentations) are indicated by the corresponding icons.

Paper Authors Resources
On Lattice Paths with Marked Patterns: Generating Functions and Multivariate Gaussian Distribution
Andrei Asinowski,
Cyril Banderier
Latticepathology and Symmetric Functions (Extended Abstract)
Cyril Banderier,
Marie-Louise Lackner,
Michael Wallner
The Complexity of the Approximate Multiple Pattern Matching Problem for Random Strings
Frédérique Bassino,
Tsinjo Rakotoarimalala,
Andrea Sportiello
Two Arithmetical Sources and Their Associated Tries
Valérie Berthé,
Eda Cesaratto,
Frédéric Paccaut,
Pablo Rotondo,
Martín D. Safe,
Brigitte Vallée
The k-Cut Model in Conditioned Galton-Watson Trees
Gabriel Berzunza,
Xing Shi Cai,
Cecilia Holmgren
Largest Clusters for Supercritical Percolation on Split Trees
Gabriel Berzunza,
Cecilia Holmgren
Scaling and Local Limits of Baxter Permutations Through Coalescent-Walk Processes
Jacopo Borga,
Mickaël Maazoun
More Models of Walks Avoiding a Quadrant
Mireille Bousquet-Mélou,
Michael Wallner
Polyharmonic Functions And Random Processes in Cones
François Chapon,
Éric Fusy,
Kilian Raschel
Cut Vertices in Random Planar Maps
Michael Drmota,
Marc Noy,
Benedikt Stufler
Asymptotics of Minimal Deterministic Finite Automata Recognizing a Finite Binary Language
Andrew Elvey Price,
Wenjie Fang,
Michael Wallner
The First Bijective Proof of the Alternating Sign Matrix Theorem Theorem
Ilse Fischer,
Matjaž Konvalinka
Counting Cubic Maps with Large Genus
Zhicheng Gao,
Mihyun Kang
Diffusion Limits in the Online Subsequence Selection Problems
Alexander Gnedin,
Amirlan Seksenbayev
Analysis of Lempel-Ziv'78 for Markov Sources
Philippe Jacquet,
Wojciech Szpankowski
Power-Law Degree Distribution in the Connected Component of a Duplication Graph
Philippe Jacquet,
Krzysztof Turowski,
Wojciech Szpankowski
Hidden Words Statistics for Large Patterns
Svante Janson,
Wojciech Szpankowski
The Giant Component and 2-Core in Sparse Random Outerplanar Graphs
Mihyun Kang,
Michael Missethan
Probabilistic Analysis of Optimization Problems on Sparse Random Shortest Path Metrics
Stefan Klootwijk,
Bodo Manthey
Greedy Maximal Independent Sets via Local Limits
Michael Krivelevich,
Tamás Mészáros,
Peleg Michaeli,
Clara Shikhelman
The Disordered Chinese Restaurant and Other Competing Growth Processes
Cécile Mailler,
Peter Mörters,
Anna Senkevich
Convergence Rates in the Probabilistic Analysis of Algorithms
Ralph Neininger,
Jasmin Straub
Hidden Independence in Unstructured Probabilistic Models
Antony Pearson,
Manuel E. Lladser
Block Statistics in Subcritical Graph Classes
Dimbinaina Ralaivaosaona,
Clément Requilé,
Stephan Wagner
On the Probability That a Random Digraph Is Acyclic
Dimbinaina Ralaivaosaona,
Vonjy Rasendrahasina,
Stephan Wagner