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Zhicheng Gao
School of Mathematics and Statistics, Carleton University, Ottawa, Canada
Mihyun Kang
Institute of Discrete Mathematics, Graz University of Technology, Austria

Abstract. We derive an asymptotic expression for the number of cubic maps on orientable surfaces when the genus is proportional to the number of vertices. Let Σ_g denote the orientable surface of genus g and θ=g/n∈ (0,1/2). Given g,n∈ ℕ with g→ ∞ and n/2-g→ ∞ as n→ ∞, the number C_{n,g} of cubic maps on Σ_g with 2n vertices satisfies C_{n,g} ∼ (g!)² α(θ) β(θ)ⁿ γ(θ)^{2g}, as g→ ∞, where α(θ),β(θ),γ(θ) are differentiable functions in (0,1/2). This also leads to the asymptotic number of triangulations (as the dual of cubic maps) with large genus. When g/n lies in a closed subinterval of (0,1/2), the asymptotic formula can be obtained using a local limit theorem. The saddle-point method is applied when g/n→ 0 or g/n→ 1/2.