Analysis of Algorithms

Analysis of Algorithms (AofA) is a field at the boundary of computer science and mathematics. The goal is to obtain a precise understanding of the asymptotic, average-case characteristics of algorithms and data structures. A unifying theme is the use of probabilistic, combinatorial, and analytic methods. The objects to be studied include random branching processes, graphs, permutations, trees, and strings.

The area of Analysis of Algorithms is frequently traced to 27 July 1963, when Donald E. Knuth wrote "Notes on Open Addressing". His fundamental books, The Art of Computer Programming, established ties between areas of study that include discrete mathematics, combinatorics, probability theory, analytic number theory, asymptotic analysis, and complexity theory.

Thirty years after Knuth's pioneering paper, the first seminar entirely devoted to the Analysis of Algorithms was held at Dagstuhl, Germany, in 1993. Since 1993, several series of seminars related to the analysis of algorithms have been established. These take place on an annual or biennial schedule; see the meetings page for links to some of these meetings.

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Upcoming Events

  • AofA2025 (May 05 to May 09 | Toronto, Canada)
  • AofA2026 (Date TBA | Munich, Germany)

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