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May 03, 2024 • Author: Bruno Salvy • Tags: bylaws

Proposed amendment to the AofA bylaws

During the discussion on the bylaws in Taiwan last year, it was mentioned that the format of the workshop editions should be more open than it is currently. As a consequence, the Steering Committee is proposing the following amendment to the bylaws for discussion at the next business meeting in Bath.

Bylaw 15: (Workshop Chair) ==Proposed New Version==

The Workshop Chair:

This is to be compared with

Bylaw 15 (Workshop Chair) ==Current Version==

Attendance at AofA workshops is by invitation, and may include invited lectures. The Workshop Chair must request from the SC a list of candidates for the first round of invitations. It is the Workshop Chair’s privilege and responsibility to make the final choices amongst the candidates, but they must seek formal approval by the SC. Later rounds of invitations are the responsibility of the Workshop Chair. They should solicit advice and input from the SC as warranted, at any time.

The Workshop Chair also has latitude in developing the program.

Special accommodations for students should be a priority.

Anyone interested in attending an AofA workshop may request an invitation, and the Workshop Chair will make every attempt to accommodate such requests.

The program must include a business meeting.