Local Information

AofA 2024 will be hosted at the University of Bath.

Getting to Bath

Travel by Train:
Bath’s train station is called Bath Spa. There are frequent direct trains from London Paddington to Bath Spa. You can, for example, use the GWR website to book your tickets. You can also buy tickets at the train station.

You can either buy an “Advance” ticket (only available if you buy your ticket in advance) or a flexible ticket. An advance ticket is only valid for the specific train you select when booking. A flexible ticket is valid for all the trains in the right time zone: for example, a super-off-peak return is a return ticket that you can use on any train at a super-off-peak time. There is more information about peak and off-peak tickets here.
The Trainline is often good at finding the cheapest options.  

Travel by plane:


Bath is a small town with rather short distances. Since its, well, baths, are a tourist attraction, there is ample accommodation available, but it might be prudent to book well in advance.

Budget hotels:

Upscale hotels:

Small family-run Bed & Breakfasts:

Youth Hostels with private rooms: