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June 29, 2023 • Author: Svante Janson • Tags: prizeflajolet lecture

Michael Drmota Selected as the Sixth Flajolet Lecturer

The sixth Flajolet Lecture will be presented by Michael Drmota, Professor in the Institute of Discrete Mathematics and Geometry at Vienna University of Technology, at the 2024 AofA Conference in Bath, UK.

Michael has been one of the most active and productive members of the “random structures”, “analysis of algorithms”, and “analytic combinatorics” research communities for decades.

Michael has over 200 research papers and three books spanning over thirty years of research, including some of the best-known results in the field. He is a master of analytic combinatorics.

A substantial fraction of Michael’s early research focused on random trees. He has published definitive results on many, many different properties of many, many kinds of trees, generally using probabilistic methods. His book “Random Trees” is a standard reference. Beyond this work, one of Michael’s most impactful results is the “Drmota-Lalley-Woods” theorem, one of the hallmarks of analytic combinatorics, which provides asymptotic estimates for the coefficients of an algebraic function when the dependency graph associated to the algebraic system defining the function is strongly connected.

From its inception, Michael has been a pillar of the research communities that evolved from the work of Flajolet. He has organized many conferences, served on numerous PCs (and chaired many of them), served as a member of the steering committees, and was the chair of the Flajolet prize committee at the beginning.