DK Seminar

As part of the DK Seminar, during the semester faculty members and visiting fellows will give talks to present an overview of their research activity. Unless otherwise stated, the DK Seminar takes place at 10:00 in room I 2.01.  

Summer semester 2018
April 11 Austin A. Antoniou, Ohio State University, US, From Classical to Non-Cancellative Factorization Theory
Sarah Nakato, TU Graz, Non-unique factorizations in rings of integer-valued polynomial
April 23 16:00 Edwin Van Dam, Tilburg University, Netherlands, Eigenvalues and distance-regularity of graphs
April 25 10:00 MANSIO meeting
11:15 William Rundell, Texas A&M University, US: Inverse Problems for anomalous diffusion models
May 2 10:15 Mario Previatti de Souza
11:00 Roswitha Rissner 
May 16 Tram Nguyen
May 30 10:00 Helmut Prodinger, Stellenbosch University, South Africa
11:00 Benjamin Hackl (Defense)
June 6 Christoph Hertrich, TU Kaiserslautern
June 13 Nicolo Gusmeroli
June 14 11:00, HS 8: Elisabeth Gaar (Defense)

Winter semester 2017/18
 October 11 10:00 Roswitha Rissner, TU Graz
 October 25 10:15 Stephan Wagner, Stellenbosch University
 November 8 11:15 Nicolo Gusmeroli
 January 31 10:15 Mario Previatti, 11:00 Barbara Pedretscher

Summer semester 2017
 March 8 10:15 Susan Margulies, US Naval Academy, Fulbright Professor (Hilbert’s Nullstellensatz and Linear Algebra: An Algorithm for Determining Combinatorial Infeasibility)
 March 15 11:00, Ralf Hielscher, TU Chemnitz (Mathematical challenges in analysis of EBSD  images)
 May 10 10:15, Daniel Krenn (presentation of habilitation project with working title “Analytic Combinatorics”) 11:00, Shari Moskow, Drexel University
 May 17  10:15, Elisabeth Gaar 11:00 Helmut Prodinger, Stellenbosch University
 May 24  10:00, Frank Pörner, University of Würzburg
 May 31  11:00, Christian Aarset
June 12 13:00, E.2.42 Ekaterina Kostina, University of Heidelberg (Numerical Methods for Optimization-based Model Validation)
June 21 11:00, Pani Fernando, MU Leoben (Introduction to Nonlinear Filtering)
Winter semester 2016/17
October 27 10:00, E.1.05 Romana Boiger (PhD defense)
November 9 11:00 Franceso Silvestri, University of Heidelberg
November 16 10:00 Christian Clason, University of Duisburg-Essen
November 23 11:00 Roswitha Rissner, TU Graz
December 12 12:30 I.2.08 Hiromichi Itou, Tokyo University of Science
December 14 10:00 Helmut Prodinger, University of Stellenbosch
December 21 11:30 Tsiry Randrianasolo, MU Leoben
January 11 10:00 Benjamin Hackl 10:30 Christian Aarset 11:20 Mario Luiz Previatti de Souza
Summer semester 2016
March 16 11:00 Marianna de Santis
March 30 10:00 Igor Djukanovic (Stable sets, colorings and the Lovasz Theta function)
April 20 10:00 Reinhard Neck, Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre (Strategic Macroeconomic Policies in a Monetary Union) 11:00 Paul Schweinzer, Institut für Volkswirtschaftslehre (Asymmetric Mechanisms)
May 4 10:00 Friederike Wall, Institutsabteilung für Controlling und strategische Unternehmensführung (Multiple Management Controls as a Package or a System?) 11:00 Stephan Weiss, Institut für intelligente Systemtechnologien (Sensor Fusion for Navigation of Resource Constrained Robots)
May 18 10:00 Helmut Prodinger, Stellenbosch University, South Africa (Quickselect, multiple Quickselect, Quicksort with median-of-three partition and related material) 11:00 Philipp Hungerländer (Solving an on-line Vehicle Routing Problem for one of the world’s largest grocery retailers)
June 30 I.2.57 10:00 Gerald Reiner, Institutsabteilung für Produktionsmanagement und Logistik (Competitive Advantage through Resource Efficiency)
July 7 V.1.03 10:00 Barbara Pedretscher 11:00 Natalie Vollert
Winter semester 2015/16
October 7 10:00 Sara Kropf (Asymptotic Analysis of Sequences Defined by Automata)
October 28 12:00 Elisabeth Gaar (Graph Coloring and Stable Sets)
November 18 11:00 Vanja Nikolic (On certain mathematical aspects of nonlinear acoustics: well-posedness, interface coupling, and shape optimization)
November 16 10:00 Rainer Brunnhuber (Well-Posedness and Long-Time Behavior of Solutions for the Blackstock-Crighton Equation)
November 25 10:00 Michela Mazzoli (Integer Digit Expansions and their Application to (Hyper)elliptic Curves) 11:00 Daniel Krenn (A Journey on a Lattice Path: from Quicksort to Hypergeometric Sums and back)
December 2 11:00 Joachim Schauer (The Shortest Connection Game)
December 16 10:00 Romana Boiger (The Projective Iterated Tikhonov Method and my research stay in Brazil)
January 13 10:00 Benjamin Hackl (On a Reduction of Lattice Paths) 11:00 Jorge Olguin Mora (Regularisation of Nonlinear Integral Operators via Trust Region Methods)
January 20 11:30 Aditya Ivaturi (Computational Methods for Lyapunov Functions)
January 27 12:00 Igor Djukanovic (Group symmetry applied to the Lovasz Theta number and applications)
February 3 10:15 Marko Lange (Low dimensional SDP relaxations for the quadratic assignment problem)
February 16 10:00 Evamaria Russ (TBA)
February 24 10:00 Anna Fiedler (TBA)
Summer semester 2015
April 22 10:00   Angelika Wiegele (Semidefinite Optimization and the Densest k-Subgraph Problem)
April 29 10:00   Barbara Kaltenbacher (Research Interests, Application Examples and Reduced versus All-at-once Formulations of Inverse Problems)
May 13 10:00   Christian Pötzsche (Topological Linearization and Beyond…) 13:00   Clemens Heuberger (Asymptotics, Counting, Cryptography, Digits, Trees)
May 20 10:00   Joaquim João Júdice (Optimization with Linear Complementarity Constraints) 11:00   Franz Rendl (Graph Partition Applied to the Bandwidth and Separator Problem)
June 3 11:00   Hubert Zangl (Sensors and Actuators) 12:00   Erika Hausenblas (SPDEs – an Overview)
June 10 10:00   Gunter Spöck (Incorporating Covariance Estimation Uncertainty in Spatial Sampling Design for Prediction with Trans-Gaussian Random Fields) 11:00   Elena Resmerita (Selected Topics of Regularization Theory)
June 17 Stiftungssaal 10:15   Helmut Prodinger (Register Function, Touchard’s Identity, and a Reduction of Binary Trees) 11:00   Hsien-Kuei Hwang (Dependence and Phase Changes in Random m-ary Search Trees) 12:00   Stephan Wagner (Mathematics That Counts)
June 24 09:15   Benjamin Hackl (Asymptotic Analysis of Lattice Paths and Related Structures)